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Flushing dogs

The majority of flusher breeds are of average size and have very compact, well-built and well-proportioned bodies. They are calm, powerful and strong, agile and active, and have a lot of endurance. These dogs can hunt under difficult conditions. They have a real flair for hunting, along with passion, determination, cunning, and an eager and resourceful temperament.

They are excellent companions, who become deeply attached to their masters, returning the affection they receive. Sometimes timid, they have a very stable character, being gentle, sociable, friendly, affectionate and docile. They are among the easiest dogs to live with and train. Quick learners, they show obedience, love to please their masters, and are always looking for affection.

The primary purpose of the flusher is to find and flush out the game and/or get the sought-after bird to start flying. This is a short-quest dog, whose main task is to hunt close to the shotgun, searching within a small perimeter in front and on either side of its master. It is able to adapt perfectly and efficiently to all situations, to all kinds of vegetation, and to its master’s hunting method. This courageous busybody does not hesitate to explore bushy thickets and the edges of woodlands, and goes everywhere, even into tangled underbrush.

Some breeds of flushers have acquired the solid reputation of versatile hunting dogs. They are ideal and well-rounded shotgun dogs, capable of taking on every role on land and in the water, with both small game and waterfowl.

Flushers are generally used more for hunting small game on the ground (hare, grouse, woodcock). Bringing the killed game back to its master is another equally important task. It has excellent fetching abilities on land and water. It is very much at ease in both elements. It loves swimming, which also makes this a good dog for hunting waterfowl near marshes and small bodies of water.

The two most frequently used breeds are:

  • The English springer spaniel
  • The English cocker spaniel

The flusher is the perfect companion for hunting on your own. It hunts with and for its master, forming an extraordinary duo with him, and giving him much joy and satisfaction. This ideal dog can meet most of the needs of today’s hunters who have only one dog.

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